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So important, that SEO alone can take a business from $0 to a 1 million dollars in revenue.

SEO is the most important component of Digital Marketing. Agreed?

So let's understand SEO in a simple way (both on-page and off-page SEO)

When you think about search engine results, there are two important factors involved in it:

1. Quality
2. Relevancy


If you are searching for "top 10 laptops" and if there are 50 websites who have written articles about the top laptops in the market, you would want the highest quality result to appear on the top. You might not want to read lower quality articles.


If you are searching for "top 10 laptops" and if the search engine shows a results for "top 10 mobile phones", the result will not be useful for you even if the page about "top 10 mobile phones" is of very good quality. It is not relevant to you and hence not useful to you.

So the results have to be both of good quality and high relevancy.

User Signals (Off-page SEO)

Quality signals are sent mostly by the internet users based on their behaviour and we call it off-page SEO. (Backlinks, Social Shares and so on).

Relevancy Signals (On-page SEO)

Relevancy signals are mostly sent to Google by Webmasters and we call it on-page SEO. (Title, Meta description, domain authority and so on). Users also send relevancy signals using their behaviour.

Since Webmasters have lied to Google about the quality and relevance of their web pages in the past (blackhat SEO), Google trusts user signals more than webmaster signals.

That's why off-page SEO has become more important than on-page SEO!

Any questions? (More gyan on SEO coming soon!)

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SEO is important... very important. | Bhopali2much SEO is important... very important. | Bhopali2much Reviewed by Bhopali2much on February 15, 2017 Rating: 5
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