10 Reasons to NEVER Smoke Weed

If you find yourself confused by the debate over cannabis, let’s take a second to clear things up for you: Weed is bad. How is weed bad? It just is, according to the US government, and you can’t have it. Period. The End.

Why Is It Bad? Well Look At All This Fancy Research:

It’s Clearly Dangerous…

It Kills, Umm…No One.

Clearly There Is No Medical Benefit.

It Makes You Dumb

It Destroys Your Brain.

It Effects Your Lungs

Again, It Is Deadly.

It Ruins Lives.

It Makes You Act A Fool

It ruins creativity
Check this study by Psychology Today:

If you thought this article was simply ridiculous, think about how dumb it is to criminalize a drug that has serious medical benefits, hurts no one, and is 100% natural and free-growing.
Why WEED Should Be Legal Even If You Don’t Smoke It

Disclaimer : originally posted at "unisoultheory.com"
10 Reasons to NEVER Smoke Weed 10 Reasons to NEVER Smoke Weed

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