50+ things you should never miss while visiting BHOPAL.

As soon as you arrive on the railway station, you see this.
(Bhopal Railway Station)
or maybe this?
(Habibganj Railway Station-An Auxilliary station for the Bhopal City)
Oh so you are here by road? Get ready to be welcomed by this.
(ISBT, Bhopal)
By air? Nice!
(Raja Bhoj International Airport, Bhopal)
Now you gotta find yourself a place to stay. Uhm, OK!
(Noor-Us-Sabah Palace)
Oh now you’re hungry?
(Jehan Numa Palace)
What now? You want to visit some place calm?
(Upper Lake, Bhopal)
(Sair Sapata)
(Lower Lake)
Want to go for a drive?
(VIP Road)
(Bhopal Indore Highway)
So now you want your kids to have fun?
(Old Macchli Ghar)
(Van Vihar National Park)
Tired? Care Enough to rest?
(Boat Club)
(Shahpura Lake, Bhopal)
(Laxmi Narayan Temple)
(Taj Ul Masjid)
(Gurudwara Guru Nanak Tekri Sahib)
(Church Of St.joseph The Worker)
So now you want to go shopping?
(DB Mall)
(Aashima Mall)
Do you love history?
(Sanchi Stupa)
(Raisen Fort)
(Rani Kamlapati Palace)
(Gohar Mahal)
(Bhojpur Temple)
(Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya)
Get ready to fall in love with dams.
(Kerwa Dam)
(Bhadbhada Dam)
(Halali Dam)
(Kolar Dam)
(Kaliasot Dam)
*sighs* oh, that heritage!
(Shaukat Mahal And Sadar Manzil)
(Bharat Bhavan)
(Salkanpur Temple)
time for some food.. brace yourself for the typical spicy street food of the Old and the New city.
(Chatori Gali)
(Dal Pakwaan)
(Poha Jalebi)
And on a lighter note, we even have our own versions of the world famous monuments. :D
(above all pictures at Peoples World, Bhopal)
and when you think you are about to leave..
this place literally mesmerizes you enough to want to stay.
This is not the place where I was born, but this is the place where I spent 21 years of my life. The climate, the people, the harmony in which people from different castes and religions live together, is unbelievable.
I have been to many cities across India, and trust me you won’t be able to find such a city. It is in fact a complete package. A city that has some of the best malls, education institutes, infrastructure, healthcare etc, but still takes pride in boasting about its rich heritage and the dirt cheap yet heavenly food (specially for chicken lovers).
How this city emerged from this:
(Gas Tragedy, 1984)
to this:
is commendable.
Welcome to the City of Lakes.
My City.
Sources for pictures: various pictures from Google Search
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