12 things you were doing wrong whole the time.

1 Bobby Pin

The wavy side of the bobby pin, was never meant to be exposed, that should be tucked away in your hair!

2 Genius

You want to eat frosting all the Time??? Make it a literal cup cake…

3 Wino

Lightly hold the stem of the glass. (Never just wrap your entire hand around the glass, it makes you look inexperienced).

4 Ear Trick

We are doing it wrong all the time, You should always coil the cord of the headphones around your ear, to prevent them from ever falling out while running or working out!

5 Writing 101

If you have “Chicken Scratch” handwriting, this is the proper way to hold your pen while writing:

6 The Trick

If you really don’t want your message read, write a bunch of letters on top of the words instead of crossing out.

7 Eyeliner

It is much easier putting your eyeliner makeup on a cue tip, than the traditional brush…it’s also easier to erase mistakes you may make.

8 Cheese Puffs

If you don’t want to get your fingers all cheesy, instead use chop sticks to pick up the delicious balls!

Upside Down

If you want to cut your bread on a much easier and a more precise way, then you need to turn the bread upside down!

The Burger

Also, flip your burger upside down to avoid it falling apart or getting messy!

11 The Knot

Did you ever think removing a knot could be so easy? You’re welcome…

12 Watermelon

The juice is held in much more when the watermelon is cut crosswise instead!
Image source: lifebuzz.com

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